Jay Soderquist


Damon Dykstra

Vice President

Ben DeLay


Justin Koepp


Greg Kunz

Estimator/Project Manager

Jason Kruse

Estimator Project Manager

Andrew Ritter

Estimator Project Manager

In the office:

Angie Rabon
Tonya Reif
HR/Payroll Manager
Jena Naber
Construction Billing Coordinator
Theresa Jepsen
Administrative Assistant


Jay Soderquist, President
Damon Dykstra, Vice President
Ben DeLay, Secretary/Treasurer
Justin Koepp, Secretary/Treasurer
Greg Kunz, Estimator/Project Manager
Jason Kruse, Estimator/Project Manager
Andrew Ritter, Estimator Project Manager

Each estimator brings their own uniqueness to the company and they take great pride in each and everyone of their projects.

In the office: Angie Rabon, Controller; Tonya Reif, HR/Payroll Manager;
Theresa Jepsen, Administrative Assistant;
Jena Naber, Construction Billing Coordinator;